Transplant the wisdom of over 1000 successful entrepreneurs into your business fast.

Our Board of Experts is constantly studying and advising business owners on their company growth. We conduct ongoing individual research calls with business owners to gauge their implementation of best business-growth practices.

Our research focuses on 4 areas of SUCCESS:


You may have started your company around your kitchen table but now it’s a bigger platform. How much does your company reflect your personal business style? When an outsider looks inside, does it resemble other companies? Is your country house listed as a satellite office? How many friends and relatives are in key positions? There are things that go on inside a small company that undermine the interest of the capital markets (strategic investors, private equity, banks and outside CFO firms). In ways that are small and large, the way to maximize interest in your business is to address these issues well before anyone starts looking under the hood. Making these moves can increase the value of your business many times.


Birthing of Giants’ Board of Experts is deeply connected to the capital markets, having personally transacted well into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Our research department, which is connected to several academic institutions, is constantly studying the changes in valuations, deal process and the terms and balance between debt and equity.

Whether you’re ready to sell or not, you should build your company as if you’re going to sell it in order to leverage best practices in capital market readiness.


Building a sales force is one of the great differentiators between companies that scale and those that stall. In some ways, sales processes never change. There is no substitute for rigor and research in closing business with your clients. On the other hand, there has never been a time of greater technological change with regards to technology that amplifies sales. Today, it is possible to access tools that create sales activity of 5-10x the number of sales people you currently have. And the need for a sophisticated management approach to sales is key to effectively finding that scale. This is clearly the most urgent need of most businesses—to make the sales process systematic, repeatable and scalable. That’s the focus of sales amplification.


There are thousands of tools that can be leveraged to amplify the impact of your sales force but only a few of them will make all the difference for each business, sales model and industry. The Birthing of Giants team is constantly researching the best practices for sales amplification through our individual research calls with the owners of fast-growing businesses.

Sales management becomes critical when sales amplification tools are put in place. Your sales and marketing technology stack can accelerate the impact of your salesforce significantly. It’s one of the most rapidly advancing areas in all of business today.


The evident connection between a powerful management structure and significant wealth creation makes it probably the single greatest point of leverage inside our growing companies. You can file this important information under the cliche: will the team that got you this far take you to the next level? Capitalizing on your management starts with optimizing your own contribution and then cascading that process down to the rest of your team. Finding the right talents, individuals and roles is arduous work but also has the biggest long-term payoff. Through our unique process, management teams are re-engineered to resemble the most potent structures based on templates designed by hugely successful companies you know and love.

It’s also important to note that the Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program requires the participants to come together with other Fellows for the week-long program and that’s different than other programs where the experts come to your executive team for off-sites. First you set strategy with peers and advisors, then you bring your management teams into the planning. That’s what the research suggests works best.


The best practices in management team are already well documented. Creating a system to implement requires ongoing support and advice and here is where we continue to study best practices.

Human capital becomes the most precious asset to a business during critical growth and transaction phases. Scale will remain elusive without a serious concentration on management structure.


Building a scalable enterprise means prioritizing and institutionalizing the role of the stakeholders that make up your business. Whether it’s employees, vendors, your community or industry, the very best businesses rely on a stakeholder approach to fuel growth beyond the management teams’ reach. For example, several world-class companies create a stakeholder culture based on the values of their employees — creating a connection between employees and the business that delivers greater productivity. Other businesses choose their community as a key stakeholder—since the time of sponsoring the local little league teams, companies have realized that there are times when having the community on your side is a great benefit to business growth. In this unit, we explore the variety of ways that stakeholders hold the key to your growth and how to unlock it. 


This area is one of the fastest growing segments of our research. In an increasingly connected world, the role of stakeholders in each business’ success is evidently growing.

As your business scales, it grows beyond the immediate reach of management. A stakeholder capitalism approach is proven to succeed.