50 American Entrepreneurs To Be CHOSEN for moonshots & moneymakers: the oxford innovation conference in 2021


December 20, 2020

New York, NY –50 American entrepreneurs and technology influencers will be identified and welcomed into the American delegation of Moonshots & Moneymakers: The Oxford Innovation Conference to be held at Oxford University (St. Stephens House) August 2-6, 2021. The participants will be American entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate executives who distinguish themselves in their businesses, industries, and communities and have an interest in how technology can transform their businesses and financial models.

  • This 5-day program on innovation and business will be held at St. Stephens House in Oxford University on August 2-6, 2021.

  • The program will bring together experts in business model evolution and the technologies that are powering these changes.
  • The participants are owners and decision-makers that want to transform their businesses for the future. 

Over the course of this week-long session, participants selected for the American delegation of Moonshots & Moneymakers will learn the latest in business model evolution and the technologies that are propelling these changes. Participants will be led by an elite faculty of business experts and introduced to the most innovative business technologies emerging from the university research and development community.  In partnership with Oxentia, Oxford’s global innovation consultancy, discover cutting-edge technologies that can propel your business from a solid moneymaker into a game-changing moonshot worth 100x more.

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To be invited to participate in the American delegation for Moonshots & Moneymakers, you must request an invitation here.  Only 50 American delegates will be selected for the 2021 year and invitations are distributed on a “first come, first served” basis.

 Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion from St. Stephens House, Oxtentia and Birthing of Giants and will be welcome to participate in the Moonshots &Moneymakers Alumni Networking Program which takes place in the final 2 days of every Moonshots & Moneymakers Conference.

  • To request your invitation to Moonshots & Moneymakers, CLICK HERE.
  • For a complete conference schedule, CLICK HERE 



Home to the leading entrepreneur development program in America, The Fellowship Program, Birthing of Giants has been partnering with major universities and helping business owners take their businesses to their next level of success for decades. 


Their Oxford heritage gives them a unique advantage; they are part of one of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems. They are innovation consultants with a global outlook, practitioners that can apply solutions to global problems.


Founded in 1876, St Stephen’s House is an academic community within the University of Oxford. Situated in beautiful, former monastic buildings, the college offers an inspiring and tranquil setting for ministerial formation, and a range of graduate qualifications. St Stephen’s House is an Anglican theological foundation and Permanent Private Hall of the University of Oxford.



Norm Brodsky is a senior contributing editor for Inc. Magazine and has served as the Master of Ceremonies for the Inc. 5000 Conference for over a decade. A veteran entrepreneur who has started three businesses that ranked in the Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest growing companies, Norm is also the author of Street Smarts: An All-Purpose Toolkit for Entrepreneurs


Tim has has nearly 30 years of experience in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship work within universities and research institutes, his specialization is Life Sciences. He has worked as an academic researcher, technology transfer professional, and entrepreneur, having spun-out and managed two investment-backed life science companies from university research, and advised in the formation and growth of many others.


Lewis Schiff is the author of several books, including the best-selling, Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons From the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons and the chairman of the Board of Experts for Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program.

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