Can You Rewire Your Brain? Since 2005, Lewis Schiff has been researching behaviors of America’s most successful people–self-made millionaires who built businesses around what they do best. In Schiff’s eyes, this is the new American Dream: do you and do well doing it!

Expect the best return on your time, on your investment, on your talents. In The First Habit, Schiff, who has interviewed over 1,100 self-made millionaires, including many of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world, describes the attitudes you must master in order to realize this dream.

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Instead of promising a magic formula, there are solid guidelines. Instead of pages and pages of self-absorbed fluff, there are concrete observations based on actual examples.
A quick but powerful read that sets you up with the opportunity to immediately create lasting and positive change. I’ve found myself peaking back into it multiple times.
As my work career has only just begun, I found many of the questions raised in this book to provoke greater thoughts about what path I should be taking.