Sale Completed

Please fill in the following form for each sale you have completed. Please ensure the email you use in this form matches the same email in Sharpspring for this prospect.

How To Complete This Form

Email – Enter the prospect’s email. It must match the email in Sharpspring attached to the prospect’s record.

Sales Closing Notes – Any important instructions about the deal that needs to be brought to the attention fo the team.

BOG Deposit Received – please check off this box if you have taken a deposit from the prospect.

Payment Plan – Please record the payment plan agreed to with the prospect. For example, pay in full, pay deposit of $1,000, then 12 monthly payments of $1,000 each, etc. The Operations team will act upon these instructions and set up payment accordingly.

BOG Membership and Products Purchased – Please select what best describes the prospect. In most cases, you will be checking off “BOG Fellowship”.

BOG Session Registered – Please select the session the prospect has selected. If the prospect has not yet selected a session please do nothing with this field but make sure you indicate in the Sales Closing Notes the situation.

The information submitted by the form will be automatically updated in Sharpspring.