Birthing of Giants PLAYBOOK for INC. 5000 companies

“Making the inc. 5000 list is the beginning. birthing of giants shows you how to build a business that’s  “Investment grade” 

—norm brodsky, inc. magazine

Transplant the wisdom of over 1000 successful entrepreneurs into your business fast.

Our Board of Experts is constantly studying and advising business owners on their company growth. We conduct ongoing individual research with business owners to gauge their implementation of best business-growth practices.

#1 Capital Market Readiness:

You may have started your company around your kitchen table but now it’s a bigger platform. There are things that go on inside a small company that undermine the interest of the capital markets (strategic investors, private equity, banks and outside CFO firms). In ways that are small and large, the way to maximize interest in your business is to address these issues well before anyone starts looking under the hood. Making these moves can increase the value of your business many times.

#2 financial model TRANSFORMATION:

Building a scalable enterprise involves finding areas for growth, creating an effective sales team, and building a goal oriented, performance driven workforce. But even those growth areas aren’t always enough to fuel enterprise growth. When your current business model isn’t scalable enough to reach your growth goals, it’s time to transform. 


Building a sales force is one of the great differentiators between companies that scale and those that stall. Today, it is possible to access tools that create sales activity of 5-10x the number of sales people you currently have. This is clearly the most urgent need of most businesses—to make the sales process systematic, repeatable and scalable. That’s the focus of sales amplification.

#4 Scalable Management:

The evident connection between a powerful management structure and significant wealth creation makes it probably the single greatest point of leverage inside our growing companies. Through our unique process, management teams are re-engineered to resemble the most potent structures based on templates designed by hugely successful companies you know and love.


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