What You Need to Know Before You Apply


Before you apply for the Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program, please review our pre-Enrollment requirements. Our Fellowship program is highly selective and each seat is awarded to an applicant that has been thoroughly vetted by our Board of Experts. Pre-enrollment ensures that your seat at the Fellowship session of your choice is guaranteed as you complete the application process.

In order for the Board of Experts to review your application, you must provide the following:

  • Your preferred session choice
  • A refundable deposit ($1000) that will be returned to you if you are not accepted.*

* If you are not accepted into the Fellowship Program, 100% of your deposit will be returned within 7 days of the Board of Expert’s decision. Upon acceptance, your deposit will be applied to your enrollment fee.

We understand that your participation in the Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program is a future victory for your company. As such, we have designed a “Bill of Rights” to protect your time, your money and your overall success.


This is your Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program “Bill of Rights:”

You May Terminate Your Application: During your interview with a member of our Board of Experts, you will be asked if you want your application to be reviewed by the full Board of Experts. If you don’t want to move forward, your application will be deleted and 100% of your pre-enrollment deposit will be refunded, no questions asked.

You May Defer, Even Up To The Last Minute: If you are accepted and you are unable to attend your chosen session, you have the right to defer to another session scheduled within two years of your original acceptance date. Deferments 60 days or less prior to your scheduled session date will incur a materials fee.

Once You Arrive, You May Get Your Money Back: Upon attending and completing the first day of your session, you can request, and you will receive, a 100% refund if you decide that the program is not right for you.

You May Take The Whole Program Again For Free: Our Fellows can repeat the entire program for free (excluding hotel, food and materials cost) one additional time, space permitting. Taking the program again allows you to get the most from the program.

You May Get a Partial Refund If You Change Your Mind: In the event that you decide your enrollment was not the right decision, you may cancel with some penalties.

Days Prior to the Original Start Date of The Program

% of Tuition You Will Receive Back

60 days or more


30 to 60 days


Less than 30 days