The Entrepreneurs Masterclass


Giants are amplified human beings. Within every small business is an entrepreneur capable of being the giant your company needs to succeed. To become that giant, you must master four disciplines:

Leadership and Management Amplification 

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your management. Are you getting their full productivity? Creating alignment amongst your management team is essential to unlocking their impact. The methods to accomplish this are easy once you know the right techniques. Perhaps the biggest impact will be on you, the leader. Every CEO we’ve worked with delivers more value after going through this amplification process, which shows up in every aspect of your organization. Discover what you and your senior team are best at, then double down.

Sales Amplification

Many of us are not only the chief executive officer for our business, we’re also the chief sales officer, sales manager and top sales person, all rolled up into one. It’s time to amplify. Sales amplification solves the nagging problem smaller businesses have of building sales forces with one arm tied behind their backs. To learn more about sales amplification and how it can have a huge impact on sales watch this explanatory video.

Team and Culture Amplification

One reason why your team loves working for you is the sense of connection they feel to you and the other leaders in your business. That’s why they’ll help you be nimble and passionate when it comes to delivering a great result for your customers. But your larger competitors have figured out that “mission-” or “stakeholder-driven” business strategies can help their employees feel that same sense of connection. A stake-holder driven business is not just good for your team, it helps others who care about your business, including your customers, vendors, capital partners, industry, and your community. Design and create a “stakeholder-driven” plan for your business and discover how it helps increase revenues, profits and ultimately, the value of your entire enterprise.

Enterprise Value Amplification

The work you do on your leadership and management, sales, and team and culture must increase the value of your enterprise or else it’s not an essential business priority. By reverse engineering why companies are bought or invested in by strategic investors, bankers, private equity firms and other capital partners, you’ll be able to evaluate every important business decision through one lens: does this increase the value of my business? That, ultimately, is the roadmap of every great business giant and what we explore in Enterprise Value Amplification.

The top businesses focus on strategy and execution. But, since the owners of fast-growing businesses have their attention split between short-term and long-term priorities, they often focus on execution over strategy. The Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program addresses this by discovering the intersection between strategy and execution, short-term and long-term planning. 

Meet Masterclass Graduate, Dave Dussault, P1 Industries